Bill Validator

MSM BackLoad

Bill Validator

The CashCode MSM BackLoad multi-width bill validator is designed to meet the needs of high volume, indoor or outdoor automated self-service payment kiosks. It is the industry’s fastest bill acceptor, completing the transaction in less than 2.5 seconds.


* Dimensions: Height 272, Width 104, Depth 128 in mm

* Validation rate: 98% or higher

* Bill width validated: 62-77mm

* Bill length validated: Standard 160mm, Optional 180mm

* Complete transport cycle: 2.5 seconds

* Validation sensors: Optical, Inductive, Dielectric, and Ultraviolet

* Interfaces supported (12V): ccNET, RS232, CCS (Serial, TTL), Pulse, ID-003 (TTL), MDB

* Interfaces supported (24V): MDB (Single price with adapter) - Communication Connector (ccNET, CCS, and ID003): 18 pin Part no. AMP 102398-7, 102536-7

* Operating temperature: 12V: 0°C to 50°C - MDB 24V: -18°C to 60°C

* Operating voltage: Operating 1 A, Standby 0.1 A